Notification of Data Recorder’s system upgrades the firmware automatically

The most inventories of Data Recorder ‘s firmware is either 1.1.8 or 1.2.0 version. The system will be upgraded to 1.3.0 automatically.

To follow the instructions:

First, please connect the Data Recorder to the external Internet and then the system will be upgraded the firmware automatically after about 10 minutes.

During the process of firmware upgraded and it takes at 10 minutes, if you check the Data Recorder’s setting webpage, then you will see the webpage is not normal (as shown in Figure 1 below, the content of webpage is garbled).

After the firmware completed upgraded, please close the browser and then re-open the browser again to complete the system upgraded automatically.

During the 10 minutes upgrade process, you will see the first LED light change to green light → blue light flashing → green light in the upper left corner , which processes are completed the firmware upgrade automatically.